Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Calm Seas

I love the uncertainty of certainty. I love the curious brain, of which I have been blessed to have one inside my own head and one inside the head of my precious bride. We ask a question, regarding something we see on TV or read in a book or article somewhere. We enter the information highway and begin driving down the road at a comfortable clip. We do not speed. We do not want to miss any interesting road signs. The side roads are often more revealing and interesting than the highway you chose to be on. On which you chose to be, properly put. Technology has its terrors and its impersonalizations, but there are really powerful up-sides to it. There is one major downside, though – distraction. You get on that highway and down those tangents and you can usually find your way back, but it takes time. Sometimes it takes so much time that a day slips away and your work is left undone. But then, tomorrow is another day. In that spirit I present today’s poem. //Calm Seas /Poetry has left me. /It comes in fits and spurts, /Easily distracted /By the long awaited sunshine, /The flavor of the month, /And an unexpected bill. /I scramble for the words /Like a turkey after grain, /Gobbling them down /With no regard for order /Or cadence /Or cacophony. /At times like those /I no longer feel the poet, /I just feel abandoned, /Waiting like a soldier /For the next call to arms. /When the words refuse you, /Even the most idyllic quiet space /Ticks louder than a time bomb. /When the words begin to flow /You can write in the middle /Of a hurricane.

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