Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brief Look Skyward

Today is a good day. I thought about writing a blog about wanting what I don't have, but when I read over my brief notes for it I decided you didn't need to hear that kind of whining, and I didn't need to write it down. So instead I decided to focus on it being a good day.

At three-fifty-five this morning as I headed to work for my little three-day-a-week, three-hours-a-day fill in janitorial job at Joe Blogz, I looked skyward. Even with my cataracts I could see the stars shining down. I thought: how many of you are there, how many more I can't see, and this just in the corner of the Milky Way in which our mainstream sun resides. And instead of feeling small and insignificant, I felt large and important because there I was, admiring the Universe, with the comprehension of just how small and insignificant I was, which to me is a very big thing to realize.

We human beings are blessed with cognition. It is a marvellous gift. Add a dose of curiosity, and watch us go!

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