Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Proportions

The Olympics are underway, in case anyone on the planet has not noticed. The opening ceremony rocked, for the most part, and Danny Boyle deserves cudos, especially for convincing the Queen to jump out of a helecopter! With James Bond keeping watch . . .

So now I have seen a Dutch female cyclist named Vos win the gold medal after a slick race (in more ways than one) and the Dutch women take the silver in the 400 M swimming relay with an incredible last leg to overtake the American team. The Americans finished with the bronze and our new darling Missy Franklin got her first medal. Americans have won gold, too, and so the duality of my loyalties is well pleased.

Of course, the American basketball dream team handily defeated Italy by only 25 points in their first go. I have always hated Olympic basketball because the deck is so stacked -- Americans love a winner, but this is rediculous. And while we're at it, is Lochte really that arrogant, or just sure of himself to the point of being embarassing? Or am I the only one wondering?

And this is just Day Two. So I end my Sunday with a double observation of things to watch: first, there's me and my not so surpirse announcement coming tomorrow, since I tweeted it Thursday but nobody noticed. Watch for it. And second, just three words: women's beach volleyball!

You go, girls!

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