Thursday, July 19, 2012

Running For Office

I can't resist. I can't resist commenting on the political scene even after already writing a blog today. I am getting ready to launch my own Presidential campaign, for S and G's, so I need to practice speechifying.

By the way, I am not eligible to be President of the United States. I was not born in Hawaii two years after statehood. I was born in the Netherlands to Dutch parents who immigrated to the US when I was two. According to the rules, which are terribly, terribly wrong, of cfourse, I cannot actually serve.

But I can run.

Of course, I have no money, no supporters, and no chance. I still want your vote -- write me in, and when I get more votes than anyone else we'll let the Supreme Court decide the eligibility issue.

I have platform planks aplenty. When I wrote about the budget and suggested cutting defense spending in half, I emphasized this did not mean firing our soldiers. I say bring them home and put them to work on the infrastructure. I think we have enough weapons lying around waiting to be blown up, for now. I know, I know -- asking our weapons manufacturers to stop making weapons would jeopardize jobs when jobs are scarce. Well, Krups and Farber managed to transition to peacetime back in the day. With government encouragement, maybe Lockheed and Boeing could put their considerable talent and energy into designing a passenger plane with decent leg room in coach.

Elect me, I'll see to it.

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