Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Love of My Life

Today is Diane's 61st birthday. I felt bad. I had no money for a gift, not even flowers. I gave her a card with a poem, as I usually do, and she was very happy with that, but I wanted to mark the day with something much more momentous, some sort of token.

After all, 61 is quite an accomplishment!

Then I remembered just how fortunate we are: I counted my blessings. It's a good thing to do, to remind yourself. We already have so much. In fact, we have so much more than most people in the world. On top of that, we have wonderful friends, a loving family, and we have each other.

Diane did manage to get a gift, or rather, give herself one. She has been working on it for over two years now and the work is still ongoing, but the fruits of her labors are showing mightily. This afternoon she managed to get into her wedding dress after 37-plus years -- and it was too big! Not only that, but she managed to put on a special blouse that a friend gave my mother decades ago, and it fit like it was made for her.

It looks nice on her, and I feel proud.

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