Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Campaign Day Two

This is day two of my candidacy. I already have votes pledged to me (and one pragmatic friend who was bluntly honest and said a vote for me was a vote for Romney; I admire her position). One of my pledged votes is coming from a non-USA citizen, and much of my support is in the Netherlands, but, heck, I'll take what I get. Only one hundred million plus to go!

On Twitter I outlined a few of my planks today. In summary:

When I am elected your Presidentk, I vow:
----- to have full disclosure as to how much we are being paid to have our soldiers stationed in various countries around the world, and by whom;
----- to bring those troops home, to work on our infrastructure: build roads, not bombs;
----- to tell the truth;
----- to recuse myself if we ever go to war with Holland;
----- to call for Congress to resign en masse;
----- to send the Electoral College back to school;
----- to mandate that every citizen own a copy of my novel, Amber Waves.

Okay, the last one is self-serving, but what the heck? Politics IS a self-serving industry anyway.


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